How to Fix a Broken Picnic Table

replace a broken patio table top kitchy crafty pinterest Fix a Broken Picnic Table
replace a broken patio table top kitchy crafty pinterest Fix a Broken Picnic Table

We have your conventional picnic table with steel tube frame screwed to difficult plastic seats and also table top. Obviously after twelve years it has seen better days. The plastic seats have damaged on the ends as well as are now sharp and also jagged in addition to the table leading ends. It has likewise faded with age from the sunlight and also is just gruesome. Nevertheless, the metal tube framework is still healthy so why throw it away and invest cash on a brand-new one when this is fixable.

To accomplish this you will require 3 2x6x12′ dealt with timber and replacements timber screws the very same size as you have openings already existing in the tube framework together with possibly a couple coulds of rust preventing spray paint color of your choice. All 3 of the boards will be halved using our Bosch Compound Gliding Saw as well as our Bosch Substance Moving Saw Stand. This will now offer us 6 2x6x6′ pieces. Currently is the moment to discolor or distress your timber before setting up on the frame. Also while the timber is not set up yet you can take a scratch pad and tidy your tube frame as well as spray paint it permitting plenty of time to dry.

Pierce holes in your pieces lining up with the holes in the existing structure this makes screwing the screws in much easier. After that using your power drill screw the screws with the wood and into the hole in the framework sinking the head right into the wood simply below flush.

This can then be filled with wood putty to ensure that the screws are not seen. This application is the same for the table top also when you are completed you have a make over to an old table.

I have actually also used this theory to create a new kitchen table making use of 4×4 blog posts as the legs in the 4 corners and also because you do not have the preexisting frame to work with, you will certainly be making use of 2×4’s cut and also screwed with each other making a square sub frame that will certainly go under the table top to secure the top boards. The chairs can likewise be done this exact same method a bench style. I favor to distress my timber with hammer marks, nail marks, hitting it with a chain, all of these include an appearance of age and use that gives the table personality.

Your table will certainly additionally require some sanding prior to stain or painting can be put on see to it you have a smooth surface area to entertain and also a leading layer of polyurethane keeps the timber shielded from spills as well as spots.