Pet Project – Restoring a Wooden Picnic Table

painterclick exterior finishes how to refinish a wooden Restoring a Wooden Picnic Table
painterclick exterior finishes how to refinish a wooden Restoring a Wooden Picnic Table

There’s no reason to go and also get brand-new furniture when restoring flawlessly good old furnishings is more economical as well as enjoyable. You may currently possess an old wooden picnic table, otherwise you could pick one up at a flea market or antique shop. Though it might not look like much to begin with, with a great cleansing and some brand-new coating, the results may simply surprise you.

Choose an excellent office

When working on outdoor furniture you want a place that is open, well-ventilated and also preferably outdoors. Backyards, garages and decks have the tendency to work best. When working on floor covering, like a wood deck, that can get stained or harmed by cleaners and also solvents, spray the flooring with some water too. This will thin down overflow from the cleaning solution.

Cleaning up

To start, you will have to wet your wooden picnic table as well as get rid of loosened particles. Begin by splashing the table down with a hose pipe to obtain off dust, dirt as well as cobwebs. By saturating the table, it will certainly additionally take more evenly to the cleansing solution. And also, it will certainly maintain the table from drying out as well swiftly, which will obtain tarnished with accumulation if cleaner is left on it.

As soon as all huge issue has been hosed away you can carry on to your cleaning remedy. Wood-specific cleaners as well as wood deck cleaners both function well to get rid of dust as well as staining while recovering several of the initial color to furnishings. If you have some extra stubborn places you could operate in a concentrated solvent solution of either chlorine or bleach combined with water, yet make use of caution when dealing with caustic compounds. Whatever you use, apply the option throughout using a tube or cloth and also permit it to set for a few mins. After that, use two rigid brushes, one huge, one tiny to scrub all level surface areas as well as get down into the splits of your wooden picnic table.

When your wooden picnic table is as tidy as you want it to be, rinse any type of leftovers traces of cleaner. You should be able to inform that the wood looks both brighter as well as cleaner by now. Next, allow the table dry totally prior to continuing to the following action.


One result of cleaning a wooden picnic table is that the grain of the timber will have the tendency to increase as a result. You can remedy this by utilizing a light quality sandpaper yet take care not to over-sand as this will certainly not only damage the timber yet will certainly prevent the table from best soaking up a new coating of finish.